Jumping In Keyboard First

  Eyes squinted, heart pumping, fear rising… That’s how I feel as I jump into the world of blogging and online content. I’m much more comfortable figuring out business and… [read more]

Baraka Buys Bolga Baskets

In about 2010 we were approached by a wonderful local business, The Community Farm Store to supply them with Bolga Baskets from Ghana. They were already a Shea Butter client and great… [read more]

Social Good and Family Life

  At Baraka Supplies, we believe in social good. If we all work together, we can help one another and everyone will benefit. In the past month, one of our… [read more]


In our last post, you learned about the difference between Refined vs Unrefined Shea Butter. Today, we will discuss Shea Fruit. Question: Where will you find one of the world’s most delicious… [read more]

Shea Nuts: Picking the Pits!

Question:  if you look under a Shea tree sometime between May and July, what will you see?  Last week’s answer might have been children, picking the delicious shea fruit to… [read more]

Baraka Shea Butter and Ebola

First, thank you to everyone who has contacted us with concern for the women, families and communities where Baraka Shea Butter is made. Fortunately, there has NOT yet been a… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer…MISSIE

Name: Melissa Wooldridge Company Name:  MISSIE State/Province:  Ontario Country: Canada Facebook:  www.facebook.com/missiemoo       Melissa uses our Shea Butter to create beautiful: Soaps Creams Skin care products Bath bombs Her favourite… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer….Brightside Soaps

Name:Kelly Smith Company:Brightside Soaps State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Twitter: @brightsidesoaps Facebook:  www.facebook.com/brightsidesoaps Kelly from Brightside Soaps creates the following with Baraka Shea Butter: Soaps Creams Skin care products Her favourite thing about Baraka… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer…Boudica

Name:Heather Heaman Company: Boudica State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoudicaBodycare Twitter: @boudicabodycare     Heather from Boudica found Baraka through some Shea Butter discussions  with other soap makers. She wanted to give our Shea Butter… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer… Little One Naturals

Name: Alexis Company: Little One Naturals State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Facebook: www.facebook.com/LittleOneNaturals Instagram: @littleonetreasures   Alexis from Little One Naturals creates the following products with our Baraka Shea Creams Ointments Body Butter Her favourite product to… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer….JANMade

Name: Jan Company: JANMade State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JanmadeSoapsetc Twitter: @JanMadeSoapsEtc   Jan from JANMade creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Creams Soaps Ointments Skin Care Products Her favourite products to make with Baraka… [read more]

Great time, Great Memories

I’m in Ghana’s capital city of Accra today and thinking back to mid-October last year when I was able to take a couple of days and head up to Bolgatanga… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer….Savvy Soap

Name: Chris Company: Savvy Soap State/Province: Quebec Country:  Canada Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Savvysoaps   Chris from Savvy Soap creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Soaps His favourite products to make with Baraka Shea is soap for the good… [read more]

Featured Shea Butter Expert: Apple Island Naturals

Name: Kathy Company:  Apple Island Naturals State/Province:BC Country:Canada Facebook: www.facebook.com/appleislandnaturals Twitter: @Appleisland1 Kathy from Apple Island Naturals creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Soaps Creams Skin care products butter melts for the… [read more]

Featured Shea Butter Expert: Moon Lily

Name: Jasmine Company:  Moon Lily State/Province:  Alberta Country:Canada Facebook: www.facebook.com/moonlilywellness       Jasmine from Moon Lily creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Soaps Ointments balms butters salves Skin care products Moon… [read more]

Featured Shea Butter Expert: Chosen Naturals

Name: Cathy Company:  Chosen Naturals State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Facebook: www.facebook.com/chosennaturals Cathy from Chosen Naturals creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Soaps Creams Deodorants Barrier Cream Body Butter Skin care products Cathy’s favourite… [read more]

Featured Shea Butter Expert: Clean Treats Bath & Body

Name: Mellanie Company:  Clean Treats Bath and Body State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Facebook: www.facebook.com/cleantreatsbath Twitter: www.twitter.com/cleantreatsbath     Mellanie from Clean Treats Bath & Beauty creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Soaps Creams Deodorants… [read more]

Featured Shea Butter Expert: Scent and Sensibility

Name: Jolene Sing Company:  Scent and Sensibility State/Province:Nova Scotia Country:Canada Facebook: www.facebook.com/scentandsensibility       Jolene from Scent and Sensibility creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Soaps Creams She uses shea… [read more]

How to Use Shea Butter

Shea Butter has a number of properties that make it beneficial for your skin and hair. It has become a popular ingredient of choice in many beauty, skincare, hair and cosmetic… [read more]

12 Ideas for Better Self Care

Awareness of how much (or in many cases, how little) time we are spending on self care is increasing drastically these days. Whether you are a parent, an entrepreneur or… [read more]

Shea Butter – The Bliss Today

Do we ever buy any beauty or skin product because it has a particular ingredient which is trending these days? Do we actually know the ingredients, the pros/cons? Well, Shea… [read more]

Baraka’ing Through Summer

Wandering through summer information about our efforts to help our customers sell more, do more and impact more. I’m excited about the impact we (all of us, you too) are… [read more]

Some Favorite Shea Butter DIYs

By now, you have probably heard of Shea Butter: the hair and skin superfood. Anyone who has ever incorporated it into their skincare routine will tell you the results are… [read more]

The Perfect Facial Care Routine

Is there really such thing as the perfect  Facial Care Routine? Perhaps not. However, we definitely believe that it is important to care for your skin and especially the skin on… [read more]

The Chemistry of Shea Butter

Interested in learning more about the science behind what gives Shea Butter its  sun protection qualities? Thanks to Amanda from Realize Beauty, you can learn right here. So, here we… [read more]

Colours of Baraka Shea Butter

Shea Butter ranges in colour from gray/white through to buttery yellow. The properties of the shea butter are not affected by colouration. The colours are caused by several factors; the… [read more]

Shea Butter is Doubly Amazing!

Shea Butter: Double Down for impact, benefit and more.  Happy, healthy skin AND healthy, happy families! Skin Impact AND Human Impact!  Amazing properties, and so much impact. Unrefined shea butter has… [read more]

Grainy Shea Ain’t Great: Let’s Fix Pronto!

Grainy Sh*a Happens! Nobody likes it! But there is something we can do!

Why does grainy shea happen? It’s a cooling off thing – too slowly and it can crystalize. No big deal though. Simply remelt and recool (faster!)

Giving Back: Pragmatic Ideas for Impact

“How can I support my community and important causes? My business is small, and I can’t afford to constantly donate.”

Those of us in the handcrafted soap and cosmetics space and other small businesses struggle with this all the time. We believe that businesses of all types and sizes should contribute to the community good.

Monday Feature: Me and Mow Soap

This week’s 🤲🏾 …from our hands…🤲🏾 feature is Me & Mow Soap. Based on their small ethical farm in Australia, owner Ilaria and her 8 yr old daughter enjoy making… [read more]