Awareness of how much (or in many cases, how little) time we are spending on self care is increasing drastically these days. Whether you are a parent, an entrepreneur or perhaps simply living a full time life, self care is important, wouldn’t you agree?

Why is self care so important? The foundation of self care begins with your connection to your inner self and your relationship with yourself.

You see, if we don’t spend time caring for ourselves, how can we possibly take care of others in our life?

Adding even more to our daily plate can often feel daunting, but never fear. Start with small steps by blocking 10 minutes of self care into your weekly routine and build up to more, with a goal in mind. Your goal might look different than your friend’s goal and that is perfectly fine. If you can work towards making your self care part of your daily routine, it will be easier to fit into your day.

Self care can take many different angles. Traditionally, many people would think of self care as pampering and “over the top” opportunities for us to indulge in experiences that we don’t often give ourselves.

Ideally, we will make ourselves a priority on a daily basis. Yes, you read that right! The trick to making this doable for ourselves to keep it simple.

self careStart by making a list of things you enjoy doing – these things are considered self care!


Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • read a book
  • listen to a podcast
  • go for a walk or hike
  • take a class
  • have coffee/tea with a friend
  • draw a picture
  • give yourself a DIY natural manicure
  • write in a journal
  • meditate
  • lie in a hammock for a mid-day rest
  • go for a massage or give yourself a massage – we happen to know of an amazing natural skincare product
  • take a relaxing bath

Remember to schedule in your self care right into your planner. Make it just as important as grocery shopping or sleep. When you take care of yourself, you will be better equipped to care for others both personally and professionally.

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