Bumblebee SoapworksThis week’s 🤲🏾 …from our hands…🤲🏾 feature is Bumblebee Soapworks. You can find them on Instagram.

The Bumblebee Soapworks mission is making natural affordable.
Their handmade, natural soaps contain Shea Butter and are beautiful, aren’t they?

Bumblebee SoapworksBumblebee SoapworksBumblebee Soapworks
Bumblebee SoapworksBumblebee Soapworks
If you create products using Shea Butter, we want to hear from you! We love to feature your beautiful creations and learn about your business. We can all learn and be inspired by one another! If you’re interested, please contact us.

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A simple website to learn about using shea butter to make your own amazing DIY products. Feel free to browse, download, use and share. If you have a recipe you would like to contribute please email it to us.

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